What We Do

Timberchase Financial offers wealth management, including investment management, financial planning, tax mitigation, asset protection, and assistance with charitable giving. We use a consultative process with you, your other advisors, and our team of experts.

We are committed to excellence. We believe in asset class investing, a methodical approach grounded in academic research, with an eye on tax efficiency and low investment expenses. Our estate planning advice is given in collaboration with your estate planning attorney or one of the attorneys on our panel of experts. Our tax planning considers your long-term needs in conjunction with your accounting firm or a firm with which we have a close relationship. We coordinate an insurance plan in conjunction with outside agents, so that you get only what you need, for less. Because we do not sell products or accept commissions, you can be assured that our product recommendations are based only on your needs.

The clients with whom we work often hold preservation of wealth as their first financial priority but also want to minimize taxes, plan for the transfer of their wealth on their terms, and make an impact on others through charitable giving. They desire to educate and empower those they love, that they may be wise stewards of their resources. We assist in these efforts, so your wealth can serve a greater purpose. As a completely independent firm, we focus all of our efforts on your goals. As a fiduciary, we act on your behalf. Being a fee-only firm creates a pristine relationship with you that minimizes conflicts of interest.

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