retirement planning

Retirement planning traditionally involves planning for Social Security, Medicare, pension and retirement strategies, guaranteed income, required minimum distributions, long term care, deferred compensation, and more. If you own a small business, selling and handing off the reins of your business may be in your plans. If your retirement is far off, if you are planning a retirement soon, or if you are already retired, all these topics will require attention.


While traditional retirement planning topics are important, you may also be struggling with how all the pieces fit together and how to decipher conflicting advice. For some, solving one problem creates another. At the same time, you may be finding that even if the components of your retirement plan are all in place, there are still challenges that must be solved. You may struggle with cash flow, knowing how much to spend without threatening the long-term plan, knowing the balance between taking risk and outpacing inflation, considering another career, adjusting insurance policies based on changing needs, and managing tax rates (and sometimes a “tax valley”). 

You also may be facing the challenge, commonly voiced by retirees, that the financial industry often uses the term “retirement planning” as a euphemism for expensive commission based products that are so complex, it may be impossible to decipher if they are a good value.

Timberchase Financial provides retirement planning advice in an integrated and comprehensive way. As a fee-only firm, we do not accept commissions or income from any outside source. This allows us to have a conversation that is minimizes conflicts of interest and to advise you toward a thoughtful path that is cost effective, tax efficient, and customized.