Expatriate wealth management

As a U.S. citizen who lives abroad, you enjoy the richness of two cultures. While there are great benefits to living abroad, finding appropriate solutions that result in a financial plan in which you are confident may be challenging.

Restrictive and ever-changing U.S. tax laws make tax planning a byzantine effort. Estate planning is often difficult because you must consider multiple jurisdictions and conflicting laws. The issue of U. S. state domicile may not be clear, which influences child custody as well as probate and state tax issues. Insurance also can create challenges. Protection from liability is sometimes not clear. If you are self-employed, retirement planning can be difficult. Because of U.S. regulations (including FATCA) and foreign government reactions to U.S. regulations, you may be caught in the crossfire and unable to find financial services in your host country and in the U.S. You also may have found it difficult to find professionals who understand the implications of living abroad, specific to your host country. Often, financial advisors, attorneys, and tax preparers have a limited view and are not connected in a way that gives you integrated solutions.

As an expat, you may feel a lack of control over your financial destiny. Just as children of expatriates are often called "third culture kids" because they are growing up between two cultures, your wealth may be suspended between cultures, as well. We are positioned to act as your personal chief financial officer thanks to our years living abroad and our experience helping expatriates like you focus on the rich lives they have chosen. We help you gain control of your money and work collaboratively with you toward your chosen financial goals.