Physician Wealth Management

In an era of increasing tax and health insurance complexity, you may feel more stretched than ever before. Your passion for helping others may be eclipsed by the stress, as a physician, of reacting to factors outside of your control. Your days are likely filled with activities other than patient care. While many physicians enjoy high income, maintaining a coordinated financial strategy can be challenging, and navigating the expectations of others regarding your finances may be complicated. In addition, you may be exploring changing careers, or formats, so that you can work less, on your terms, or not at all. 

You may have been offered multiple solutions to managing your finances, resulting in an uncoordinated plan. You may have been the recipient of high-commission product offers, investment “opportunities” by well-meaning friends and coworkers, and the energy-draining practice of keeping your defenses up. You may wish to coordinate all of the components of your wealth together, but have been unable to. You may not have the time, interest, or knowledge to be sure what you have works together. 

You also may be concerned that your assets are not adequately protected and unsure about the recommendations you receive. You may wonder whether the solutions offered are worse than the original problem and whether the advice you have received is in your best interest, or someone else’s.

Our experience in health care, as fee-only planners and in medical malpractice insurance, may be of interest to you. If you are seeking integrated and comprehensive advice, we welcome a conversation with you. We will never approach you first, and we will not bother you if you contact us and we are not a good fit. As a fee-only firm, we do not accept commissions or income from any outside source. This allows us to have a conversation that is free from conflicts of interest and to advise you toward a thoughtful path that is cost effective, tax efficient, and customized for you.

Timberchase Financial is positioned to help you gain control of your money, make the most of your wealth, in your way, on your timetable, and to help you make work optional.