Physician Wealth Management

In an era of increasing tax rates and declining reimbursement, you may feel more stretched than ever before. Your passion for helping others may be eclipsed by the stress of reacting to environmental factors outside of your control. Your days may be filled with activities other than patient care. While many physicians enjoy high income, maintaining a coordinated financial strategy can be challenging. As a high-value prospect, you may have been offered multiple solutions to managing your finances, resulting in an uncoordinated plan. And as a high-value target, you may be concerned that your assets are not adequately protected.

Because we are comprehensive, we work with you to coordinate your investments, estate plan, tax plan, cash flow and debt, and your asset protection and insurance plan. And because we are fee-only, our discussions are not influenced by providers of financial products.

Timberchase Financial is positioned to help you gain control of your financial destiny, make the most of your wealth, and help you make work optional. We act as your personal chief financial officer so that you can enjoy your passion, your family and live the life you wish to lead.