Financial Planning and Divorce

If you are contemplating divorce, going through a divorce, or have finalized a divorce, you have many financial decisions to make. While you may want to focus on long-term matters, which will eventually be important, we understand it is important to focus on the short-term matters of protecting your assets, controlling the divorce process, maintaining peace, preserving order for you and your children, and then settling into your new life. A deliberate process is necessary, especially if you have not been the financial leader in your marriage or are less fluent in financial matters. While keeping an eye on the long-term is important, we have learned it is often good to delay those decisions, if possible, until the dust settles.

Timberchase Financial works with those who are undergoing major life transitions such as divorce. In addition to the components of wealth management that apply to all people of means, rapidly changing circumstances benefit from individually crafted solutions. You may desire to gain control of your financial resources and to find a private, trusted advisor who understands that financial recovery is closely aligned with emotional recovery.

If you find yourself suddenly managing wealth because of divorce, you will want to take control of your resources so you can lead the life you choose, knowing that your wealth will be preserved according to your wishes. Because you may need to focus time and attention elsewhere, managing your financial resources can become a burden. We act as a personal chief financial officer for you, so you can focus on relationships with those you love while building the life you wish to lead.