why choose us

Our process begins with a "Discovery Meeting," which allows us to explore together whether Timberchase Financial is the right firm for you. After this meeting, if we both feel we can add substantial value to your situation, we will provide you with a custom proposal to help you gain control of your money. If either of us feels there is not a great fit, we will  help you find a better option.

You may want to consider working with us if:

  • Your situation is complex enough that you cannot do all that is needed to gain command of your money

  • You don’t have the time, interest, or knowledge to manage the complexity of your finances

  • You are seeking a long-term, comprehensive solution

  • You want to avoid the common conflicts of interest inherent in the financial advice industry

  • You are skeptical of financial advice you have received in the past

  • You are seeking independent advice that is free of influence from companies who sell financial products

  • Your focus is on providing for your family

  • You see money as a tool to serve other needs

  • You value privacy

  • You wish to control your risk

To explore a working relationship with us, please call Bryan Hancock at 205-980-7118, or Katie Lenz at 541-508-4806, or Contact Us.