Financial Planning for Widows and Divorcees

Timberchase Financial has developed a capacity for working with women who are undergoing major life transitions such as inheritance, divorce, the loss of a spouse, retirement, or a legal settlement. In addition to the components of wealth management that apply to all people of means, we have found that women experiencing rapidly changing circumstances benefit from individually crafted solutions.

After the death of a spouse, a widow is often thrust into an administrative role at a time when she feels least up to the task. Financial and legal issues may seem out of control, and well-meaning friends, loved ones, and advisors may offer conflicting advice. We have found that the widow desires two things: to gain control of her financial resources and to find a private, trusted advisor who understands that financial recovery is closely aligned with emotional recovery.

Women who find themselves with sudden wealth through inheritance, divorce, or a legal settlement also want control of their resources in order to lead the lives they choose, knowing that wealth will be preserved according to their wishes. Because women in these situations often need to focus time and attention elsewhere, the management of their new financial resources can become a burden.

We act as a personal chief financial officer to women in transition, so they can focus on relationships with those they love, while building the lives they wish to lead.

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