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Financial Planning for Americans in Germany

For Americans who live in Germany, being subject to two of the most complex tax laws at the same time can be exasperating. As a U.S. citizen in Germany, you may be facing some of these challenges:

  • Difficulty obtaining financial services in Germany and in the U.S. due to financial firms’ hesitancy to work with you (often due to FATCA), or those who are willing but not fluent in your circumstances

  • Finding financial planners, asset managers, attorneys, or tax preparers in the U.S. and Germany who have a full understanding of the American-German cross-border experience

  • Developing an estate plan that is consistent with your wishes for your family while navigating the laws in both countries

  • Tax planning, especially considering different tax treatment of income and assets in each country

  • Managing investments in a cost-effective and tax-efficient way.

You may feel that your financial situation is suspended between Germany and the U.S. and that you lack a complete solution. Timberchase Financial has developed a process, the experience, and the relationships with advisors in the U.S. and Germany to help wealthy Americans navigate the complexities of living in Germany. We form custom solutions in collaboration with other professionals to help solve some of these complex problems so you can gain control of what you have to work toward your goals.