Expatriate Wealth Management

U.S. citizens who live abroad can enjoy the richness of another culture, create lasting memories, and perhaps share altruistically with those who are less fortunate. Financially, an expatriate life can be rewarding, but it can also be complex. Your financial assumptions and needs are not always the same as if you live within the U.S.

Tax issues are influenced by the tax equalization policy of your employer, or the lack of one. Either way, restrictive and ever-changing U.S. tax law makes short- and long-term tax planning a byzantine effort. Estate planning is often difficult because there are multiple jurisdictions to consider. The issue of state domicile may not be clear, which influences custody of children as well as probate and state tax issues. Insurance issues also create challenges. Protection from liability is sometimes not clear. For the self-employed, retirement planning also can be difficult.

Expatriate women often feel a lack of control over their financial destinies. Caring for aging parents and adult children back home can create personal and financial complexities. Unemployment or the death of a spouse can sometimes mean immediate repatriation.

Just as children of expatriates are often called "third culture kids" because they are growing up between two cultures, your wealth may be suspended between cultures as well. We are positioned to act as your personal chief financial officer because of our years living abroad and our experience helping expatriate clients focus on the rich lives they have chosen.

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