noun the power to influence or direct behavior or the course of events 

verb – to determine the behavior or supervise the running of

Regardless of your economic status, profession, or stage in life, you may want to achieve something with your money.   We have found that most people want to achieve the same thing with their money – Control.  You may be wanting to accomplish some of the following:  

  • Control your money so that it supports what you want to accomplish in your life

  • Control your plan so you are not a burden to your children

  • Control the risks you are taking to achieve the returns you expect

  • Control the taxes you pay so they do not erode your returns any more than necessary

  • Control your investment costs so you are paying only for things that add value to your plan

  • Control the advice you receive so you know what you are being told is in your best interest

  • Control the financial products you buy so you are getting only what you need

  • Control the investment process so you have confidence in the outcome

  • Control the protection of your assets so that no one can take what you have

  • Control your estate plan so that your money goes where you want and is constructive in the lives of those you love or the causes you support.

Timberchase Financial, LLC exists to foster financial direction in your life and to support your life purpose. In doing so, we help you gain command of what you have, what you have been given, and what you will earn.